[WATCH] Deep freeze across UK, Europe, and Russia – Japan Obliterates Snow Records – Snow in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

Bone Chilling Cold – NASA Knew it was Coming

Deep freeze across Europe continues | DW News

Japan Obliterates Snow Records, China’s Oranges Crop Six Weeks Late & N.Korea Ag Sector

First Ever Recorded Snow in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia Deep Snow/Hail | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (127)

According to the Professor of Hydrodynamics, Gianluigi Zangari of the Frescatti Institute in Italy, the North Atlantic Gulf Stream “died” in July of 2010. Six years ago already and it has nothing what so ever to do with Carbon Dioxide levels. Ice Ages have always existed and even existed when levels of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide were two thousand time greater than they are today. The Earth spends 95% of its geological history in full Ice Age glaciation. Absolutely nothing what so ever to do with Carbon Dioxide levels

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