BIG TECH TYRANNY: YouTube Removes THE STILL REPORT Channel For Reporting On New Legacy Cure For COVID

Still Report Knocked off YouTube, 3253Well, it finally happened. YouTube shut off my YouTube Channel. The good news is it’s only shut off for one week.


Well, it finally happened. YouTube shut off my YouTube Channel.
The good news is it’s only shut off for one week.

The bad news is the reason they put me in time-out. Because of a report I published nearly 2 months ago on one of Australia’s most esteemed doctors, Prof. Thomas Borody, who discovered that the legacy drug, Ivermectin, along with the legacy antibiotic Doxycycline, along with common zinc can cure COVID-19 in even very sick patients.

Dr. Borody was so impressed that he called on the health agencies of Australia to immediately make it available to the elderly.

“I believe this is a potential life-saver right now,” said Prof. Borody.
“These 3 medications are already approved. They do not need pre-clinical or clinical trials … unless the aim is to combine in a single capsule, for example. Patient treatment programs have been done in the US and elsewhere which indicate it can work within 4-6 days.”

Dr. Borody isn’t the first to recommend widespread availability of Ivermectin for COVID-19. Researchers in both India and Bangladesh have made it available and some of their researchers have reported 100% success with the combination treatment.

Now, several nations in South and Central America have joined the growing chorus for Ivermectin, including the largest nation, Brazil.

But good news on curing COVID is bad news to YouTube for some reason. We can only guess at what that reason might be, but there is evidence that Google does not favor President Trump, so curing COVID would permanently end the economic lockdown that the Desperados are laughingly trying to blame on the President.

So a cure is bad for Google and bad for China, but it would also be bad for another major player – big pharma – who are sinking billions of dollars into new drugs that can be patented, whereas Ivermectin and Doxycycline have long ago outrun their patent protection.

So, it was easy for us to think, Gee, maybe YouTube – owned by Google – is changing its ways. Maybe they are going to allow news of more effective and less expensive drugs to come to the fore?

But now in retrospect, we have a more likely reason for the temporary moderation YouTube showed late last summer.

On July 29, the big 4 tech giants, including Google, were hauled before a Congressional Committee.

As the Washington Post recounted the event later that evening:
“The leaders of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google took a brutal political lashing Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans confronted the executives for wielding their market power to crush competitors and amass data, customers and sky-high profits.”

Ten days later, I published my report on Dr. Borody’s experience with the Ivermectin combo, and were fairly surprised that they didn’t just flatly remove it.

So we suspect that after that hearing Google kept its head down for a few weeks hoping no quick legislation would be pieced together which would do anything that would diminish their power over the upcoming election.
We could take this a step farther. The coincidences surrounding President Trump checking into Walter Reid Army Medical center to be treated for COVID-19 came exactly 24 hours after the Still Report was shut down. Just a coincidence?

Well here’s another one: how come all of the recent high-profile politicians who got COVID-19 within the last 48 hours are all Republicans?
Here’s another one; how come President Trump contracted it with barely over one month from the election? That pretty much knocks him out of his biggest weapon – the massive Trump traveling road show across America. That’s quite a coincidence.

We are by far not the only ones who have noted this confluence of coincidences.

Tucker Carlson mentioned his skepticism several times on his last show on Friday, Oct. 2.

You know that Level 4 Virology lab in Wuhan, China where COVID-19 came from didn’t just shut down. No, they are continuing to work on improving the deadliness of these and other biological warfare weapons. In fact, they may even have been the recipient of several millions of dollars from a certain U.S. government health agency to “improve” their “gain of function”. That’s polite speak in the evil world germ warfare for making the COVID-19 virus even more deadly.

In addition, there have been at least two stories this year – one within the last month – that there are more deadly forms of the virus beginning to spread. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay any attention to these stories because I figured we had enough trouble with what we for sure were facing.
China is now chortling that it has dealt with COVID-19 in a much better way than the U.S. has. Not surprisingly, this easily integrates into the left’s psychological operations that Orange man has not saved the nation in the way that he should have.
Ya know, we were booted from YouTube on Thursday. I’ve pretty much done nothing until now – Saturday. Sometimes I get that still small voice talking to me, and this time it said to wait.

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