WATCH | SPECIAL REPORT: Evidence builds coronavirus came from a Chinese lab | 30 Apr 2020

The world is searching for the origins of the deadly coronavirus as global economies desperately try to survive the fallout of mass isolation. Hundreds and thousands of people have died but as the curve begins to flatten intelligence agencies and world leaders have started piecing together how the COVID-19 tragedy happened. US President Donald Trump […]

WATCH | Diana: The Royal Truth | Documentary

“Diana: The Royal Truth A captivating first hand account of the life of one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, Diana Princess of Wales, by the man who lived through it all. From innocent dreamer to divorced change-bringer the turbulent life of Diana was rocked the world. With exclusive insight and anecdotes […]

WATCH | Versailles’ dirty secrets – Toute L’Histoire

Versailles’ dirty secrets – Toute L’Histoire The chateau of Versailles is believed to have been a dirty palace: a place where everyone tossed the contents of their chamber pots from the windows above… Yet during the chateau’s construction, Louis XIV had given thought to commodities, and several public latrines were built as well as a […]

WATCH | Giants! ..Friend Or Foe – History Documentary 

Giants: Friend or Foe Giants appear in almost every culture throughout history-they’ve wrestled gods, conquered empires, and inspired heroes to rise in stature. From real-life figures such as Andre the Giant and former basketball player George Muresan (who stands 7’7″), to authors Carol Rose (Giants, Monsters & Dragons) and Paul Robert Walker (Big Men, Big […]

WATCH | SUSPENDED for Mentioning A Coronavirus Cure | “promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.” | Censorship

Educating Liberals: “Twitter suspended me for 12 hours last week & now gave me a WEEK LONG suspension for supposedly “promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.” Can anybody please tell me where you see any that in any of these tweets?????? The only thing I see in them is me talking about hydroxychloroquine – an […]

Author and Lawyer, Don Hutchinson, on Religious Freedom

Lawyer Don Hutchinson talks about his book “Under Siege” and what that looks like for Canadian religious freedom. Don weighs in on what we don’t know about our freedoms in Canada, if courage is lacking and what happened in the Trinity Western case. He is the former National director at Canadian Bible society. Former VP […]

From patriot to critic: Why Vicky Xu is questioning China’s human rights record | Australian Story

There are very few Chinese journalists in Australia who openly criticise their government and even fewer working simultaneously on the comedy circuit. This might help explain the growing media profile of Chinese journalist Vicky Xu. When the 25-year-old arrived in Australia on a university gap year she thought of herself as loyal to her country’s […]

City of Imagination: Kowloon Walled City 20 Years Later (2014) ‘The Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was once the densest place on earth, a virtually lawless labyrinth of crime, grime, commerce and hope’

The Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was once the densest place on earth, a virtually lawless labyrinth of crime, grime, commerce and hope. A Wall Street Journal documentary tracks its colorful legacy and brings the place alive 20 years later.