Putin accused Secretary of State Kerry of lying after Kerry denied Al-Qaeda existence in Syria. “He lies and he knows he lies. It’s pretty sad.”

Putin accused U.S. Secretary of lying

John Kerry

John Kerry

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the false statements made ​​in the U.S. Congress by Secretary of State of the country John Kerry in the debate about a possible intervention in the Syrian conflict. As informs “Interfax” , the statement Putin on Wednesday, September 4, made ​​by the Human Rights Council.

The president said that the question of a congressman in the conflict zone, “Al-Qaeda” Kerry replied that the members of this organization in Syria not. “He’s lying, and he knows because that’s lying. It’s sad, “- Putin said, explaining that now operates in Syria grouping” Al-Nusra Front “, a unit of” Al-Qaeda “, and the U.S. government just know it.

At the same time, according to the transcript of the debate, hosted in the newspaper The Washington Post, U.S. Secretary of State, however, did not deny the presence in Syria, “al-Nusra Front.” Moreover, much of the debate was devoted to, would not a military operation in Syria to strengthen affiliated with “al-Qaeda” groups and the transition of chemical weapons out of the hands of local authorities in the hands of terrorists.

It clarifies the RIA Novosti , Putin believes that Congress, in any case can not authorize the use of force against Syria, as it is outside its competence. According to the Russian president, such a decision can only accept the UN Security Council.Thus, the president, direct U.S. intervention in the Syrian conflict without the approval of the Security Council would be an act of aggression.

At the same time, Putin called unfounded allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian authorities. According to the president, such measures are usually applied only in cases where there is no other way out. In Syria, believes Putin, the government control the situation in the country and, in fact, already finish off the remaining rebels, making the use of chemical weapons illogical step.

In Congress, is being discussed a possible military operation against the official government of Syria. Formally, the U.S. President Barack Obama could take a decision on their own, but he chose to enlist the support of Parliament. In this case, the leaders of both houses of Congress have expressed support for the president’s plans. It is expected that in the case of consent on the part of the armed forces of the United States Congress will not conduct a full-scale ground operation, and limited to rocket fire from the Syrian army facilities.

The need for intervention in the ongoing for more than two years the Syrian conflict guide explains the recent U.S. chemical attack near Damascus, which killed, according to various estimates, from 355 to 1,400 people. Rebels blamed for what happened to the Syrian authorities, who in turn called the incident a provocation by the opposition. U.S. authorities and a number of NATO member states sided with the rebels, while the Russian authorities called the opposition’s arguments unconvincing. In the case of a vote in the UN Security Council, Russia can block a resolution on military action in Syria, as it has a right of veto. Nevertheless, Obama said he hoped for a change in Russia’s position on the issue.


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